About Us

When most people hear the word "landfill," they immediately think of this vast expanse of land piled high with plastic bags and disposable diapers. While this may be the image that most have in mind, Lakeview Road Landfill might very well be the farthest thing from that stereotype.

Lakeview Landfill is a privately owned and operated facility designed to allow individuals and companies to properly dispose of land clearings and inert debris, in compliance with the regulations set forth by the government's Environmental Protection Agency.

What this means is that we provide access to acreage where construction, grading, and hauling companies (as well as individuals) can legally, safely, and in an environmentally conscious way, dispose of their debris.

Why is our company important? Well, because of us, there are fewer instances of illegal dumping in our community's wetlands, greenways, and other areas of conservation activity.